Thong Pha Phum

Hin Dad Hot Spring

The riverside hot springs, discovered by Japanese soldier during World War II is some 130 kilometres from Kanchanaburi. Visitors can shower in this pond.

Pha Tat Waterfall

The big waterfall is located in the area of National Park. On route Kanchanaburi – Thong Pha Phum at Kilometre market 105, turn to the junction road for 12 kilometres to waterfall.

Khao Laem Dam (Vajiralongkorn Dam)

This hydro-electric dam is situated on Kwae Noi River. 6 kilometres north of Thong Pha Phum and about 165 kilometres north of the provincial city on Highway No. 323. The dam is 1,019 metres long and 92 metres high beauty of lake which placed many resorts in the form of raft houses.


70 kilometres wast of Thong Pha Phum on route 3272. Once there was much mining of wolfram and tin in the Tanaosri Mountain range marking the Thao Burmese border. Four – Wheeled drive car be used for traveling. It’s cold temperature offer for a temperate fruit and decorative winter plant orchard. Furthermore, many beautiful waterfalls, new attractions offer visitors to impress by traveling on foot. Such as Jogadin and Jetmit waterfalls.

Khao Laem National Park

Approximately 160 kms. from Kanchanaburi, Khao Laem National Park is located on the route to Sangklaburi. The area is covered by dig trees and good for camping. Kateng Jeng huge waterfall is also in the park but difficult to explore. So the best way is contact the foresty official before hand.

Thung Nang Kruan Waterfall

Located in Tanbon Cha-Lar 190 kilometres from Kanchanaburi. Visitors are advised to have guide leaders and four – wheeled drive car must be used to travel along Thong Pha Phum – Sangklaburi and the right turn of 15 kilometres at kilometer marker 26.



Wat Wang Wiwekaram

Situated on the hill side in Sangklaburi, the monastery abbot “ Laung Pho Uttama” is highly respected among Thai people, Trible people and Burmese. Pagoda was built in the style similar to Pha Phutta Khaya in India and temple is housed with huge Buddha Image made of marble.

Three Pagodas Pass

22 kilometres from Sangklaburi, the three miniature pagodas are memorials of the important routing of the troop during the warting of Ayutthaya periled. It also marks the rugged Thai – Myanmar border and is the site of a small thriving border market. Visitors are allowed to enter the neighbouring Burmese settlement.

Kreng Kravia Waterfall

Small but lowly waterall is located on the right hand side 191 kms. from Kanchanaburi on the way to Sangklaburi.

Ta Kian Thong Waterfall

Many – tiered beautiful waterfall is about 250 kilometres from Kanchanaburi. Travelling to this waterfall. One can go by four – wheeled drive car on route Sangklaburi – Dan Chadi and turn to the junction about 10 kilometres then go on foot for 40 minutes to the waterfall.

Mon Bridge

It is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand. It was built for comfortable transportation of people living in Sangklaburi and Mon Villagers.






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